January 1st, 2008


Master Post

This is the FicFinishing Master Post.

Links to important content can be found below.

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Sign Up posts are always found on the first day of every month.


Welcome to ficfinishing: where to come to get fic done.

We are a community of authors and readers dedicated to getting fic from partial to published. Please read our profile for information on how the comm works.

Most of the comm's content is F-locked to provide a safe supportive environment for our authors and to encourage people to participate fully in the fic finishing process, not just to read the posts.

Please read our profile and FAQ before signing up and then if you'd like to participate join *and* watch the comm then come back to do an official Author Sign Up. (Sign ups are posted on the first day of each month.)

Our first month round was March 2008 so we celebrated our Four Year Anniversary in March of 2012! We did 8 rounds in 2008, 10 rounds in 2009, 10 rounds in 2010, 10 rounds in 2011, 3 rounds so far in 2012 and special End of Year Double Rounds in November/December of 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. We are currently on Round 42. Sign ups for April 2012 end on April 12th.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in a comment to a FAQ post or email me, your comm mod, at the address below.

Thanks for visiting ficfinishing!

-Emma DeMarais
emmademarais at gmail (you know the rest...)


Answers to frequently asked questions may be found below.

Please feel free to ask questions in comments or via email to your comm mod. (emmademarais at gmail...)

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Success Stories

Finished Fic!

The following stories were goal fic finished by authors who signed up to complete them in a ficfinishing round. (Note that not all finished fic are published right away. Some of the completed first drafts go into rewrites and beta reading after the round and before final publication.)

Battlestar Galactica

Schisms - Chapter Three by lotus79, 2/09

Blake's 7

Something Yet to Learn by van, 7/08 8/08


The Rising Star in the River by ladybug218, 6/08

Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine by dameange, 7/08

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Old Flames by chosenfire28, 11-12/08

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear by chosenfire28, 11-12/08 (BtVS/Supernatural)

Another Summers, Another Demon by harlot2, 3/09

Criminal Minds

Things We Can't Forget by sandersyager, 3/08

When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge by dameange, 6/08

Dichotomy by shinealightonme, 2/09

Doctor Who

Ashes of Gallifrey; Dust of Eden by metzlimoon, 9/08

Due South

Drawn Together Part One and Part Two by mizface, 2/09

Harry Potter

I'm Shagging Draco Malfoy by mab, 4/09


Gigolo by kikkimax, 7/08


Always More than Partners 3 by darkkevlar, 3/08

Trust I Seek by quirky_circe, 4/08

Zen and the Art of War - Chapter 11, Fairytale Time by cerisereve, 4/08

Isosceles by dameange, 10/08

Stargate Atlantis

To Face What Comes by wildcat88, 3/09

Big Cat Diary Part 1 and Part 2 by writerjc, 4/09


Of Dreams and Demons by fhionnuiscetine, 8/08

Things that Go Bump in the Night by ficwize, 10/08 (Supernatural/X-Men)

Christmas For Cowboys by chosenfire28, 11-12/08

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear by chosenfire28, 11-12/08 (BtVS/Supernatural)


Unlabeled by ficwize, 5/08

Someone to Say Goodbye To by ficwize, 7/08

Veronica Mars

The Road Not Taken by chosenfire28, 11-12/08

Down Again by amathela, 1/09


This page contains listings of currently accepted fandoms and fandoms that have been requested for the future.

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If you'd like to request a fandom please do so in a comment to this post.

Fandoms that get the most requests will be added sooner than others.

You do not have to be an author or plan to be a First Reader to vote, although fandoms requested by people who plan to participate tend to do better, once added to the comm, than those who just get votes.

In the past the top 2 or 3 vote getters as of the first of each month would be added to the comm. As of April 2009, there will be no guaranteed number of fandoms added per month and a minimum number of votes (5 at the moment) may be required to add a fandom. Authors and potential readers are encouraged to spread the word in order to encourage others to vote for their fandom, however be advised that fandoms that just get votes but not votes from people who really want to participate in the comm don't do anywhere near as well as fandoms where those who vote are all enthusiastic about participating. Also, please be respectful when spreading the word about the comm. Posting about it on your own LJ is ideal. Checking with mods before posting on comms is suggested, especially since many comms limit or forbid community advertisements. We do not want to be perceived as spamming and would rather grow slowly than risk getting a bad name in fandom for pimping all over. So please, share the word, but be respectful about it. Thank you.

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FicFinishing First Reader Recruitment!

Welcome to FicFinishing!

This is a short post to tell potential readers what we are all about and what they can expect here at the comm.

What is FicFinishing?

FicFinishing is a community of fan fic authors and readers whose goal is to help authors with partial fic learn to complete their fic. Authors are given tasks, techniques and support to help them in their goals which take place in monthly 'Rounds'. Part of that support is our First Reader program.

What are First Readers?

Our First Readers are fic readers who are given the opportunity to read fic in progress in exchange for enthusiastic encouragement. The fic are partial, but are often finished in the course of one round, or several in the case of long fic like big bangs. Basically readers are charged with accepting requests to read fic in their fandom and responding with positive feedback. In addition, many readers also cheer authors on in the LJ comm even without reading their fic.

Are First Readers the same as Beta Readers?

Not at all! First Readers are NOT Beta Readers! This is incredibly important. Because this comm is all about support during a difficult time, we actually do not allow First Readers to offer ANY kind of critique to authors, constructive or otherwise. To do so could shatter the delicate confidence they've been able to gather to work on their problem child fic, so any and all critique or negative feedback is not allowed. This includes Alpha Reader work as well as Beta Reader.

Why be a First Reader?

Our First Readers have a lot of fun, make new friends, get to read awesome fic from talented authors before anyone else and they help support their fandoms by assisting in the generation for new fic in that fandom. It's an extremely positive environment and it feels good to help out. In addition, readers who are also writers can learn from the behind the scenes peeks at each author's process. Plus, if there's an author out there whose series you are enjoying reading and you wish it would go up more frequently? Nudge them our way, offer them encouragement and you might get more fic faster!

What's required of a First Reader

Very little actually, but we hope that readers will become engaged with the community and want to do more. Once a First Reader signs up they may offer or get a request to read a fic in one of their fandoms. They can turn down any requests, but otherwise they are expected to read the fic fairly promptly and give the author positive and encouraging comments about the fic to help fuel them on to complete it. First Readers can, at any point after their first Round, change their status to 'On Hiatus' and officially refuse to read any further stories, yet remain a member of the comm from that point on. We hope that 'On Hiatus' readers return, and many do, but we allow for readers to take time off whenever they wish to.

Where do I sign up?

Sign up posts are on the first day of every month. Join both ficfinishing and ficfirstreaders and follow the directions posted there.

How do I find out more?

For more information read our profile, Welcome Message and FAQ.

Where can I ask questions?

Ask any questions on this page or on our FAQ page.

Thanks for giving the comm a chance!