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This page contains listings of currently accepted fandoms and fandoms that have been requested for the future.

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If you'd like to request a fandom please do so in a comment to this post.

Fandoms that get the most requests will be added sooner than others.

You do not have to be an author or plan to be a First Reader to vote, although fandoms requested by people who plan to participate tend to do better, once added to the comm, than those who just get votes.

In the past the top 2 or 3 vote getters as of the first of each month would be added to the comm. As of April 2009, there will be no guaranteed number of fandoms added per month and a minimum number of votes (5 at the moment) may be required to add a fandom. Authors and potential readers are encouraged to spread the word in order to encourage others to vote for their fandom, however be advised that fandoms that just get votes but not votes from people who really want to participate in the comm don't do anywhere near as well as fandoms where those who vote are all enthusiastic about participating. Also, please be respectful when spreading the word about the comm. Posting about it on your own LJ is ideal. Checking with mods before posting on comms is suggested, especially since many comms limit or forbid community advertisements. We do not want to be perceived as spamming and would rather grow slowly than risk getting a bad name in fandom for pimping all over. So please, share the word, but be respectful about it. Thank you.

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